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Vancouver Nanomedicine Day
November 13, 2024 at the University of British Columbia

Advancing Nanomedicine Research in Vancouver and Beyond

Vancouver Nanomedicine Day (NMD) is an annual scientific symposium hosted by the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and co-organized by faculty members Dr. Urs Hafeli and Dr. Joel Finbloom. . NMD brings together researchers from academia, industry, and other sectors to share high-impact findings and foster collaboration in the field of nanomedicine. In addition to invited speakers from around the world, NMD highlights the cutting edge nanomedicine research conducted in the Greater Vancouver Area. 

Nanomedicine Day 2024 will take place Nov 13th at UBC and will feature:

  • Talks and keynote addresses by internationally renowned experts in the fields of drug delivery, nanomaterial design and characterization, and diagnostics.

  • A trainee poster session highlighting research in diverse fields of nanomedicine

  • Networking opportunities during coffee breaks. lunch, and afternoon reception.

NMD 2024 will take place on Nov 13th
at the University of British Columbia

Registration and abstract submission
will open on August 12th

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